About Us

Darshana is a creative & digital marketing start-up based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We’re focusing on assisting brands & enterprises on their growth journey. Our primary objective is to drive positive growth and Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients through marketing solutions. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the Top of Mind Digital Marketing Company in SEA due to Value. This vision keeps us burning and be in full spirit in creating our future. 


Our missions, on the other hand, are our guiding light, our shining star. These missions make sure that we are heading in the right direction:

Partner Growth Booster

Elevate Digital Marketing and Society

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Emerge Darshana Brand in Indonesia

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Today you must be better than yesterday you.

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Passion is what makes us human.. Somewhere inside my head.

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Our Teams

How Can We Help

We connect the perfect match for brands with highly experienced Marketing Managers. Our solutions cover a wide range of digital touchpoints, from Instagram, Facebook, Google, Klaviyo to the marketplace. Starting from the formulation of strategies to the executions designed to help to achieve our client's objectives whether it is awareness, traffic, or sales.

If improving digital marketing strategy and creating excellent creatives are on your mind, let’s discuss it with us in detail! 

Image Specialist Team

Image Specialist Team is responsible for creating magic from pictures and doing digital creative editing for clients with their aptitude in art and design. Led by Zihad who graduated from an accounting major from Curtin University. Zihad doing design as a passion turned into a full-time profession, he joined Darshana as an image specialist in 2018, then became an assistant trainer, and currently the Image Specialist Team Leader.


Working along with Eduardus, Irfan, and Ibrahim as Image Specialist team members, they’ll execute and ensure the images they edit are aligned with clients’ visual guidelines and drive clients’ ROI & engagement.

Team Leader


"Time you enjoy wasting is not

wasted time"

— Marthe Troly-Curtin


Ads Team

Darshanas’ Ads Team will create thumb-stopping ads for the brands. They will do a lot of stuff involving branding graphics, colors, also text like incorporate and animate branding assets into videos. The players are: Catur, Deka, Dziky, Galang, Hendra, Irdan, Juan, Oscar, Stephen, Ilhamsyah, Syahrullah, and OctiAntony as the team leader will make sure that the team delivers high-quality ads that meet customer objectives.


Antony is a design graduate from Multimedia Nusantara University. He previously worked at Kumata Studio Bandung as an illustrator and concept artist, and Brandmate.id as a motion graphic artist. He joined Darshana as an Image Specialist in October 2018. Now he is the team leader of Darshana's Ads Team.

Team Leader


The mind is everything. What you think, you become.


Email Visual Strategist & Web Designer Team

Email Visual Strategist members are responsible for creating enticing email layouts for the clients. Arinal, Nadita, Lisa, and Rizky will make strong and compelling visuals & collaterals to convey the message while maintaining clients' brand identity. We also have Tiara, the Web Designer. She will design and build landing pages into working web pages. She also will ensure to maintain and manage your website’s performance, user experience, and speed to be optimal.


Devi as the team leader works closely with EVS Team members and she will ensure that the team delivers a satisfying email. She is a Nutrition graduate from UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. She previously worked as an Administrator in a property company and did graphic design freelance jobs. She joined Darshana as an Image Specialist in July 2017, became a Training Assistant in 2018, and is now a team leader for Email Visual Strategist and Web Designer Team.

Team Leader


One thing for sure is; if you give up, you'll never know what's missing.


Email Visual Strategist


Email Visual Strategist


Email Visual Strategist


Email Visual Strategist


Web Designer

Brand Visual Strategist,

Quality, and Copywriter Team

This team consists of 3 functions: Brand Visual Strategist, Quality Team, and Copywriter. The Brand Visual Strategists are Amanda, Dita, Devi, and Karin. They’re responsible to plan the branding strategy so that the resulting creatives are on brand & aesthetically magnificent. Our Quality Team members: Anna, Alfred, Topan, and Natal are responsible for ensuring the creative edits meet Darshana's high-quality standards. They will also analyze what errors usually occur in the editing process. As for our Copywriter, Ratih, she will convey the brand message through words and create an engaging story that aligns with the brand’s tone.

The team is led by Syadzwina who always checks everything meticulously and ensures that the team will deliver satisfying works that meet customer objectives. She graduated from Psychology major from the Universitas Indonesia and joined Darshana as an Image Specialist in July 2017. Her role is to bring out the best visual branding potential of the brands.

Team Leader


Your mistakes don't define you, it's how you deal with them that does.


Quality Controller


Quality Controller


Quality Controller


Quality Controller




Brand Visual Strategist


Brand Visual Strategist


Brand Visual Strategist


Brand Visual Strategist

Growth Team

This team consists of two functions: Growth Marketing Strategist and Growth Consultant which is led by JR who is an expert to analyze and utilize data to drive growth. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State, a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Six Sigma Green Belt, he is the master of data and statistics in Darshana.


Eno is our Growth Marketing Strategist. He is responsible for creating strategies, executing, and optimizing campaigns, as well as creating insightful reports of digital campaigns performance for the clients. As for Bimo, our Growth Consultant, he produces productivity and quality reports through data collection and robust analysis. He mastered any data tools such as Google Data Studio and Looker to make update performance dashboard data.

Team Leader


"In God we trust,

all others must bring data"

— W. Edwards Deming


Growth Marketing Strategist


Jr. Growth Consultant

Business Development Team

Having Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at Bina Nusantara, Gabriel joined Darshana in September 2019 as Sales Operations. He now becomes Darshana’s Business Development Assistant Manager. He is responsible for pursuing leads and evaluating them as potential clients of Darshana.


As the team lead of the Sales Lead Gen Team, Gabriel works closely with Desinta, our Key Account Executive. Desinta is in charge of identifying potential customers and moving them through Darshana’s sales cycle. 

Business Development Assistant Manager & Team Leader


"The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons."

— Aristotle


Key Account Executive