Find your dream job with us!

Are you a Digital Art Enthusiast and looking for a Creative Career opportunity in a fast pace and dynamic environment? Would you like to show your Creativity and Passion by joining a team behind one of the upcoming digital start up in Indonesia? If that sounds like you, we need to talk.

Why Work With Us?

Development Zone -

We Help You Grow

It doesn't matter what level you currently are on, for us learning is a lifelong mission. In that spirit, we commit to provide an environment that will push you to grow and step outside of your comfort zone.

Driven By Meritocracy

Idea is what matters, everything else can come second (or third, even). This is why we build our system to be susceptible and open towards the next best ideas. Best idea wins!

Clear Focus - A Result Oriented Working Environment

At DDS, everyone work towards a shared goal. For us, it doesn't matter what sort of ride you prefer, as long as you deliver the expected result.

The People - Caring, Supportive and Diverse

We have a unique set of peers with different backgrounds, personalities & perspectives, and we all highly respect the diversity. This is a merit for us to work as a team; we don't look down upon differences, we go through it and learn from it. We believe that we'll have the best results by supporting each other.

Career Opportunities

No one is too great or too low to have a chance, We see that everyone has a potential that’s yet to be refined. Also, as DDS is growing still, there will always be opportunities widely opened for anyone who’s up for the challenge!

Our Culture

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Our cultures do not have to be spoken yet we all know they grow within us. They are the soil for our vision to grow

Our Values

We believe that values are something that unified and guide us. Just like what Howard Schultz said, “If people believe they shares value with the company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Our Available Jobs

Brand Visual Strategist

Use your branding strategy to determine our clients objective


Do a lot of stuff involving branding graphics, colors, and text; incorporate and animate branding assets into videos

Email Designer

Work alongside a dedicated copywriter, brand visual strategist, and image editors  to create strong and compelling visuals and collateral to convey our messaging while maintaining brand identity

Software Engineer

The role is about the ability to write clear, self-documented code in Javascript.

Remote Image Specialist

You will be in charge to create, and execute photos in creative editing, while doing it at home.

Image Specialist

You are the executor to deliver “creative that drives clients’ ROI & engagement.