What Types of Creative Can Drives Result for Your Ads


Darshana Design Studio engaged in the creative field, so we try to
investigate, to prove whether the creative we create is useful and
effective to our partners.

Nowadays, the marketing and advertising spaces seem to revolve around “digital creative”. Great digital creative is critical to engage consumers' emotions, grab their attention to brands, and even convert leads to sales. Promotional activities through social media also hold an important part of a business, both for small businesses and large-scale businesses with different goals. One of the platforms that is often used by entrepreneurs is Facebook Ads. However, entrepreneurs often use advertising without taking into account the effectiveness of the advertisement.


If you can’t get clear and measurable results of our creatives, how can you be sure they can drive the sales?

Darshana Design Studio (in collaboration with SelfMade) is engaged in the creative field, so we can investigate, to prove whether the type of creative ads that we’ve created are useful and effective to our partners. For example, which type of creative in ads that perform best? What elements or animation effects works better? In general, most of the things we did have been associated with optimal Click-Through Rate (CTR). So, to measure the effectiveness of our creative, we have tried to identify the commonly used Facebook Ads design elements among SelfMade Facebook Ads and evaluate their association with a higher ad CTR.

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