Our values

Technical skills are important, but it’s value that will motivate attitude and guide our actions in not just in work, but in our everyday life. Here are Darshana’s core values.

Extra Miles

Go above and beyond for what is required & doing it with all your heart.


Trustworthy and fair with their rights and responsibility, without drama and politics. DO what you have to do with/without supervision of others.

Openness & Reasonable

Means that you are able to express what’s on your mind that are reasonable and on point. Being able to digest good or bad critics for the greater good.

Tell a Good Work

Because telling that you have done a great job is as important as telling if there’s a problem. Be proud of your excellent masterpiece of

work in a good way.

Get Things Done Together

You are responsible for each other. All things are done with excellent teamwork. We are team-oriented and we believe that no one can do anything all by themselves.


The fast dynamic level of our work requires us to embrace & support changes. Change is inevitable. It make us become better versions of ourselves.


Sincere care towards each

other, like literally care, no

strings attached. We help each other because we care, not because

we expect something return.

Problem Solver

Finding out the root cause of problems is our middle name. Throwing problem is strictly prohibited because DDS comes with a solution zone.


Here at DDS we practice meritocracy, a belief where the best idea should always win.



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