Webinar Recording: Up Your Facebook Ads Game Using Creative!


Setting up just the right campaigns for Facebook ads could be a challenging ride for your brand, let alone, gaining revenue income.

Darshana Design Studio kicked off its very first webinar; with insightful views into the analytics of creative performances. As a starter, General Manager, Angga opened the webinar with introductions to Selfmade & Darshana as the event organizer, and then led on to the importance of creatives in Ads performance. Angga also shared about how through combining data and technology, creatives could be the critical tool to triumphant results. From there, in came the biggest question mark of the event: “How big is Ads creative actually affecting the Ads’ performance?”

To get to the answers, JR (Business Analytics, DDS) said as a gateway to it:

“... The imagery your brand puts out is a critical part of how potential customers will end up purchasing your product and interacting with them…”

JR also mentioned the quality of the imagery itself matters in order to have audiences interact with the Ads. Moving forward, JR elaborated his findings about Facebook Ads that are done through careful and thorough processes. As a disclaimer, he stated that the results could not be generalized for all brands, as he’s done the research through for about 90 samples of Selfmade’s clients and it could bring different results for each. But the verdict is that; types of creatives can be mapped and it’s shown different results for each type.


Need more details?

You can now watch the rest of the webinar from the recording we are presenting for you, click the play button and learn more about what you could do in order to get better performing facebook Ads!