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Jun 28, 2023



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Darshana Editorial Team

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How Performance Creative Affects Your ROI

Credit: Unsplash

Ever wondered why we are so hooked up in advertisements in our daily lives? It ranges from the simulation game we were involuntarily playing along with, the short mini-series ad made by a local candy brand on YouTube we stop skipping on, to the striking image of a t-shirt brand passing by our instagram story that we find interesting. Nowadays, the marketing and advertising spaces seem to revolve around “digital creative”. Great digital creative is critical to engage consumers' emotions, grab their attention to our brands, and even convert leads to sales. But, how do we make sure our creatives can drive the sales lift?

Well, it’s time to embrace the Performance Creatives.
"It's a set of strategies focusing on performance and great creatives to make outstanding brand experiences for customers."

Cited from Lemonlight, performance creative is like the intersection between campaigns that are driven by ROI and campaigns that are driven by innovation and creativity. Bottom line, it’s a set of strategies focusing on performance and creatives to make great brand experiences for customers. In this digital era, as data and analytics continue to evolve, it’s even easier to get clear and measurable results from our creative.

Performance creative relies on experiments. Companies have to continue executing new creative ads to target the right audiences and keep optimizing to reach the ROI. As we already know, digital advertisement exposure for ad campaigns varies for each different generation. For example, according to Business Insider, the Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are ones who find social media that are heavily filled by visual contents such as IG and Facebook more engaging. However, in the end, it also has been said that what value a brand carries is what’s most likely to stand out in the midst of overlapping information people are catching on the internet. Coming up with new great creative that represents the brand value and all the while, staying in lane with the brand is the biggest challenge.

There’s one great example of how digital creatives can drive your ROI while still in line with the brand.

In 2017, Coca Cola created a “Share a Coke” campaign which was originally trialled back in 2011. The campaign gave people the chance to order personalized Coke bottles with their names through facebook ads.

Credit: Share A Coke Campaign on Facebook

It’s been a massive success as it turned out that people love to share images of the bottle with their names in it. According to Econsultancy team, The campaign itself resulted in a 7% increase in sales, a total of more than 18 million media impressions, traffic on their Facebook site increased by 870%, and the ‘Likes’ grew by 39%. The brands successfully make the coke still relevant for modern consumers, even using its digital presence to create a one on one connection with their customers.

Let’s take a look at another example.

This Cannes Lions 2019 Grand Prix spot taken by Nike with “Dream Crazy” as a case study. From here we can see that a brand as big as Nike would be taking their biggest risk yet with the US political situation up their neck at that moment. But, safe for their digital marketing campaign, their stocks are rising after a downfall, the people are buying, they are moved.

​As we can see from the video, consumers are buying whatever Nike is selling to make a statement, to show they are standing with the brand’s value. The strategy playout may have been like a domino piece waiting for its moment to subdue, but it’s the initial story, the creative that Nike first came up with that spurs this. Nike brand mentions across social media are up 135% since the ad’s release and even gained $43 million worth of media attention in the first 24 hours. We can learn that in order to snatch customer’s interests, brands shouldn’t sell the story of what they sell but sell the story of what success it could bring them by purchasing it. Customers want creative that engage them, one that upholds their value, and then, the profit will follow.

It’s undeniable that the creative we deliver to customers has to represent what our brand is about. After all, we need to keep rephrasing our values so that our brand could surface in the marketing world of this digital era. It’s important to stay true to the brand's unique values and leverage your brand trust while doing different approaches in optimizing campaigns day by day. Variations to a brand digital creatives such as different headlines, color schemes, ideas or expressions can lead to small improvements and even better, increases in your ROI.

​And for this purpose, we could serve you as your partner, so that we can ignite that ROI drives that you’re aiming for. If you are interested in learning more about performance creative:



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